Most of you reading this now know about the 2 minute short film, MOVING IN that I wrote, produced, directed and starred in for the My Annabelle: Creation contest. If not, the link is at the end of this post. But I don’t want to talk about the short film. I want to talk about dedication and what it takes to make it in the film industry or anywhere for that matter.

I’ve known Chelsea Casanova for a few years now and she has always impressed me with her desire to learn new things and her fearless approach to almost anything. A few years ago on the set of A WEDDING LIKE THAT where Chelsea was working as the PA, she was asked if she would like to try to get one of the jib shots. She whole-heartedly said YES! She got the shot and it was perfect, even though the jib was about 3 times her petite size. So when I asked her to be my cinematographer and editor for this project I really didn’t expect to get a no and of course she didn’t let me down. In fact she was so excited I feared letting her down.

I’ve rarely worked with someone who I just immediately clicked with until working with Chelsea. It was like she was seeing through my eyes. I would tell her what I wanted for the shot and then go off and do the scene, come back look at what she got and it was there. Like magic. And it was the same when we sat down to edit the movie. Complete synchronization. And much like me, Chelsea was ready to start editing as soon as we wrapped the camera work. Chelsea also found me the perfect sound person in Kim Weber and one of the best PA’s I’ve ever worked with, Rae Hines. So to say that I owe Chelsea would be an understatement.

But what no one really knows is what Chelsea went through during this time. We had a few things that needed to be tweaked and tightened after our initial editing session and Chelsea had come over to finish those when she received a text that turned her world upside down. I won’t go into what happened but just know that it was a tragedy that would break most people. I can’t even describe the strength that it would take to get her through what she had to do the next few days. Chelsea also knew we had a deadline to get this movie done and she stayed in constant contact with me, telling me what she had worked on, sending me links to her progress and in a couple days my little film was finished and ready to be submitted. Not once did she use what was going on in her life to say she needed a break or couldn’t do this project for me. This is what it takes; this is why Chelsea will succeed in her dreams. And Chelsea, THANK YOU.