Saturday night I was given the honor of being inducted into the MayDay Film Festival Hall of Fame, following is my acceptance speech. I actually made it through it without crying, almost.

When I was a little girl, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I would always say that I was going to be a Movie Star. I would also say that I was going to do that in New York. Because at some point I had heard that California was going to have a big earthquake and fall into the ocean and I had no desire to die for my dream. I’ve never been to New York, California still hasn’t fallen into the ocean, and I’m not a Movie Star. But I have starred in a few movies. In fact after 9 years of doing film, I’ve done over 40. Of those over 40 film projects I was given the responsibility of scaring people (A LOT), the responsibility of making them laugh and cry, the responsibility of changing how people viewed an entire community, the responsibility of showing that women, no matter how difficult the situation could survive, and most recently the responsibility of changing how young girls with a life changing disease viewed themselves and physical beauty. But most importantly I was given the responsibility of making someone’s dreams come true. It’s a scary thing to give someone else your dream and let them bring it to life; I know I’ve done that too. I’ve always taken this responsibility very serious and I always will. And there are too many to mention that have given me that trust over the years, but I want them all to know that I thank them for that honor and I hope that I did their dream justice.

And I would like to give out my own award. One that is long overdue as far as I’m concerned. Because there is something that we have to have to make all these dreams come true, a place where we can show our dreams to the world. MayDay Film Festival has been doing that now for 9 years. Daniel, Kristine, Ryan, Crystal and countless others have worked diligently to give us a place where independent film can be seen in this area and they do it out of a love for the filmmakers. As a matter of fact this was posted by MayDay on their FB page, “It's not about supporting the event, it’s about supporting the indie filmmakers that have poured hours and hours into making these movies.” They don’t do this for money, they do it to get their own films seen, they do it because they love independent film and they want us to succeed. And because of that I’ve had an award made just for them. I just wanted some way to say THANK YOU to these incredible people who have given me and all of the other local filmmakers a place to seen. I love you and here’s too many more years of the MayDay film festival.