In December of 2012, Pj Starks had this great idea to partner with the Daviess County Public Library for a special event called Unscripted: An Indie Film Xperience. It was a really unique idea that would give independent filmmakers in this region a chance to show their short films to people who really care and want to know more about filmmaking. So what is Unscripted?  Unscripted is a short film series in which each film is screened twice in one night; the first screening as-is, the second with the filmmakers performing a live commentary (kind of like the special features on a DVD). There are traditional Q&A’s as well. There are typically two films per night. They also have movie-themed giveaways and free popcorn and drinks. So it’s a cool and fun night out.  And on January 25, 2013, during their first season, I had the honor of appearing in Elysian and attending this event for the first of what will turn out to be many times.

Since that first event I have had the very amazing honor of being involved with almost every single event they’ve had. I even acted in a film that showed at the one and only Evansville Unscripted event.  So when Wesley Johnson, the now caretaker and resident film lover of Unscripted, asked me to bring “Out of my Mind” to their 6th season of Unscripted, I jumped at the chance. Each season of Unscripted grows and becomes even bigger and better. The films themselves get better as the filmmakers increase their skills and Wesley spends a lot of time looking for perfect films to show. He even makes sure that the two films that show together complement each other.  But what I didn’t know when I agreed to do this event, was that I would have 3 projects involved in this season.  So please check your schedule and make plans to attend one or all of these one-of-kind film screenings. Following is the schedule for this season and I have put an asterisk next to the projects you can find me in, but I encourage you to see as many as possible.  See you at the movies!

* February 4 - Cindy Maples - Out of My Mind, Breau Kaelin - Symbiosis with music from Mina Fedora

February 11 - Matthew Williams - Rush 91, Chad Fuller & Matt Green - The Switch

* February 18 - A Tribute to Brian Storm

* February 25 - Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories Night: The Justin Seaman - The Deathday Party, Jon Maynard - Blood Bath

March 4 - 48 Hour Film Showcase with Jon Maynard and Jon Doss

March 11 - Ryan Lincoln McCurdy - Misread, Taylor Fredricks - The Realist

March 18 - Brad Rea - Caged, JD Wilkes - Seven Signs