This coming Saturday, April 30th something rare and unusual will happen in my world. It’s one of those events that is both thrilling and depressing.  Two movies that I’m extremely proud to be a part of will premiere that night. Now, you might say this is a great thing, I mean how many people can say they’re in two movies that are premiering on the same night? But here’s the problem, I haven’t perfected the cloning process yet, so I can only go to one.  So, how do you decide between two amazing films that you are dying to see and support? Well, in my case, you go with who asked you first, which means I will be attending the SIREN premiere at IU Cinema. I really want to talk about how great both of these films are and as a way of making up for my absence from the MARGO premiere; I will start with that film. First I would like to point out the truly remarkable similarities in these two films. First, they both have a strong female lead, which literally and figuratively KICKS ASS! Second, both films were written by men. That’s right, men who write stories about strong females, that’s a thing and it’s marvelous! Third, I actively went after these projects because I had seen their previous work and knew I wanted to be involved in that kind of quality filmmaking.  And finally, they are both visually beautiful.

MARGO is a female-driven, post-society drama/thriller about love, madness, and humankind's everlasting hunt for companionship. I was invited to be a part of this production by Matthew Packman, the writer, producer, director; he’s been spotted walking on water...etc. I met Matthew at the Blaquefyre Film Festival in 2015, a festival he also created and runs. His short film ANGELFISH was the opening film and I knew about 2 minutes in that I would hunt him down and force him to work with me. Fast forward to late 2015 and I am sitting in the basement of a filthy, abandoned house in Centralia, IL, covered in dirt, no makeup on, pretty sure bugs are crawling on me and Matthew is thanking me for doing this part. He had no idea how thrilled I was to be there, doing a character that not only had amazing depth but was written just for me. MARGO has been Matthew’s life now for at least a year, probably longer and it is also his most epic and crucial work to date. Matthew and his partner in crime Abbey Hickey have my undying loyalty, because I see in them the fire that burns inside of me. That kind of connection builds friendships that last a lifetime. MARGO will premiere this Saturday, April 30th in Mt. Vernon, IL at the Granada Theater. I want the cast and crew of MARGO to know I may not be there physically, but my heart will definitely be there!

SIREN is about a sole survivor of a sex trafficking operation who is conflicted with what is right and wrong as she decides the fate of those who decided hers. As previously mentioned SIREN is also female-driven, but this female lead is pissed and she is out for vengeance. This film is part of Robby Benson's film class at Indiana University. Normally I wouldn’t audition for a student film, not that there’s anything wrong with them; I just tend to look at other things. But in this case I took a look at their previous episodes in the VANGUARD Universe and just knew I had to work with these talented young filmmakers. I’ve been on a lot of film sets and I can’t even begin to describe how professional and put together this crew was. Matthew Brezina, director/writer, Emelie Flower, co-director/cinematographer and Tyler Carrell producer, should be very proud of their efforts.  Oh and did I mention that this talented group is heading to the Cannes Film Festival with their last VANGUARD short ILLUSION? Yes, they are that good and you don’t want to miss this one! SIREN will debut at IU Cinema on April 30th to a sold out audience, but there is a sneak peek showing at AMC 12 in Bloomington, IN on Tuesday, April 26th. If you get the chance, check out SIREN and you can see the previous episodes of the VANGUARD Universe here on their Vimeo channel.

So there you have it. Two AWESOME films that leave you with no excuses not go out and support Indie Film this Saturday night. See you at the movies!