In July of 2015 I embarked on a journey that would forever change my heart. When I auditioned for the role of Flora Warren in the movie Wig’d Out, I knew that this would be something special. I also hoped that what had made me want to be in this movie would be the same thing that would make people want to see it. It has a heart, a big oh huge heart that makes you smile, cry and feel Fearless! Over the past week I have watched the crowds respond to this movie and I couldn’t be more proud of how it affects them. I was asked last night at the premiere in Carmel, IN what was my favorite part of filming this movie? My answer was the kids that I’ve had the chance to meet along the way. It started with Sarah right here in Evansville and the beautiful Katie that I had a scene with in the movie. These kids are fearless, amazing and they inspire me to want to be a better person. A person who looks past the surface and accepts each person for who they are on the inside. As I move on to the next project and leave Wig’d Out to the producers and director to love and care for, I also take a lot with me and for that I will be forever grateful. Good luck to Sandy Rusk, Olivia Rusk and Kate Chaplin as they continue their journey, and best of luck with the Children’s Alopecia Project screening in Las Vegas in July. That will be the most life changing experience both for those children and for you. And to everyone who has shown their support to me and this film, THANK YOU!!!!