Funny how certain songs resonate with you, isn’t it? For the past couple of months the Richard Marx song "Don’t Mean Nothing", keeps rattling around in my head when I think about my upcoming trip to Hollywood. For you youngsters out there, Richard Marx was a big deal in the 80’s, Google it. For those who know who he is and what that song was about, I think you can understand why it would make an appearance in my gray matter from time to time. It’s a song about being in LA and trying to make it. People are telling you that you are great, blah, blah, blah...”but it don’t mean nothing until you sign it on the dotted line”. I think it has become my anthem for this trip, to help keep me grounded in reality. Go out there, give it all you got and then come home and say I did it. I took that chance, good or bad, I did it!

Now, maybe I should back up for those of you who don’t know about what happened at the beginning of this year. In February, I entered an acting competition for a chance to win a trip to Hollywood and meet with talent reps, take an acting class and basically chase this crazy dream of mine. Many of you voted for my monologue and helped me move on to the second round, a favor that I will never forget. And then Sharon Caudel and Sarah Mina took time out of their lives to help me record my second audition. Yes, I still owe them as well. Then on April 1st I got word that I had actually won the competition. Yeah, April fool’s day, I didn’t believe it either. But, it was all true and next week I finally make the trip. And I’m not going to lie, I’m scared to death. But that won’t stop me from giving it all I have. After all I can’t let everyone down that got me this far.

As I pack and prepare for this epic journey, I ask that you keep me in your thoughts and send out good vibes. I hope to make you all proud, even if that means merely surviving the trip. So many of you have been there holding me up over the years, giving me encouragement and strength and I can never express how much that means. Just know that you are all in my heart and I know what you did to help me get here. This trip could be a big waste of time, but hey I get to go to Hollywood and enjoy some time seeing how the “real” actors do it and you just never know...stranger things have happened. But I will never forget that, “it don’t mean nothing at all.”