For me, writing, directing, producing and starring in a short film was kind of “sure let’s do that and see how it goes” kind of thing. It was more of a learning experience and trying to get an idea out of my head that had been stuck in there for 4 years. When it was done I was really happy with it and thought I should let people see this by submitting to film festivals. And I was so amazed at everyone that helped me make sure that RANDOM not only got finished but was exactly how I had seen it in my head. For me that was a WIN of epic proportions, especially when so many dreamers, like myself, never start or finish a project.

So when RANDOM is accepted into festivals or wins any award it’s just icing on top of an already delicious cake.  This past Saturday night RANDOM received the Spirit Award at Blaquefyre Independent Film Festival in Centralia, IL. This is the first year for the award and it is given to honor one individual filmmaker who exhibits extraordinary talent, creativity and spirit through their work. Winning this award is more than icing on the cake; it is the decoration on top of the icing! BUT...I look at that beautiful award with my name engraved on it and I feel guilty. It should say Rusty James, Jakob Bilinski, Joe Atkinson, DP Bonnell, Mina Fedora, Brad Reinhart, Megan Leavitt, Randy Murray and Al Pontoon because they were the ones who made this film. And I want them all to know that their immeasurable contributions will never be forgotten because although your names may not be on the trophy they are forever engraved on my heart.