They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well if that’s true then the past year speaks volumes. I spent some time going through all the pictures I was tagged in or that I posted over the past year and it was next to impossible to decide on just a few to represent my year of 2015.  There were so many film festivals, people, places, events and films that made up my year and I didn’t want to miss any of them. The year started for me back in my home state of Illinois at the Blaquefyre Film Festival for one of my last stops while promoting THE LAST DAY. Then it was onto The Alhambra Theatre Film Festival to premiere A WEDDING LIKE THAT and to follow that wonderful short film around the film festival and special showing circuit. I had the chance to actually play myself for the first time in 2015 when I hosted the upcoming series SHADOW CHASERS. Although for an actress it was terrifying to be told to talk right into the camera (that’s simply not done). But I got over that pretty quick. Then it was on to my first time as director, writer, producer and star of RANDOM. I couldn’t be more proud of this short film and all the people that made this dream of mine become a reality and it’s still out there going strong. And because I don’t believe in resting I went right into my next film, the feature WIG’D OUT. I’d read this script back in 2014 and absolutely fell in love, so when I got the email saying they wanted me for Flora I was ecstatic and 2016 is going to see me talking a LOT about this amazing movie (You’ve been warned). Then I chased a dream I’ve had for most of my life, starring on stage in a musical, but not just any musical. The Rocky Horror Show has been on my bucket list of shows I want to do for as long as I can remember. Okay, so I auditioned for Magenta and didn’t get it, but really who could say no to playing Frank N Furter? Not me! Check that off the list. And finally I finished the year much like I did in 2014, surrounded by my BETHLEHEM family, when we all gathered in Shelbyville, IN to watch the premiere of this hilarious and fun Holiday film. And on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day you can see it too! I would love to make a list of all the people I would like to thank from the past year, but I’m sure I would forget someone, so I will just end with saying that if you were part of my 2015, you are now a part of my heart. Best wishes to you all this Holiday Season and see you in 2016!