It doesn’t matter how many movie premieres you attend, there is always a thrill when the lights go down and the opening scene comes up, but never more so than when it’s a movie that you’re starring in. This past Sunday, November 22nd at the beautifully restored Strand Theater in Shelbyville, Indiana I once again experienced that magical feeling. I was sitting in the balcony surrounded by people as eager as I was to see the fruits of their labor. This time around it was for the new holiday film BETHLEHEM. Our fearless director Michael Malone took the stage to introduce the film to the almost 200 people in attendance and once again showed that he not only loved his cast and crew but was truly passionate about this film. He displayed an almost child-like giddiness over his first movie and that feeling was contagious and set the mood for the entire evening. Oh sure there’s always that first cringe-worthy moment when you first see or in this case hear yourself, but eventually you settle down and just sit back and watch. It’s impossible as an actress to be truly objective about your work, but in this case I was so amazed and enthralled by my cast mates that I actually forgot that I was in the movie for a little while and just laughed and enjoyed seeing them. For me it was a chance to go back to those 4 ½ wonderful days spent together making this film. I’m not sure what’s next for BETHLEHEM except for some upcoming Film Festivals, but I do hope that it will soon be shared with everyone because let’s face it everyone needs a good laugh during the stressful holiday season. And with Thanksgiving only a few days away I would like to THANK Michael and the entire cast and crew of Bethlehem for letting me be a part of their very dysFUNctional family.